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Tinkergoth Theme for BlackBerry

tinkergoth blackberry Tinkergoth Theme for BlackBerry

The Tinkergoth theme for BlackBerry by Basic Visuals is one of the cutest themes I’ve seen so far. The colors are vibrant, and the pink and black combination makes this theme look especially great on my black phone.

Everyone likes Tinkerbells spunkiness, but put her in a cute pink and black Goth outfit with dark hair, and she’s not the blond princessy Tinkerbell anymore, she’s cuter!

The placement of the icons on the home screen is unique and stylish. I would have liked to see a little something more added to the incoming call screen, as it’s a little dull compared to the main and outgoing call screen, although the pixie dust was a cute touch. The silver icons match well with the theme.

The price seems fine; it’s not overpriced as a lot of other themes are.

If you like pink and black, and have a little Gothic side you will love having this theme on your BlackBerry.

buynow cat Tinkergoth Theme for BlackBerry

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