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T-Mobile Gives Sidekick the Boot

t mobile sidekick boot T Mobile Gives Sidekick the Boot

** 10-20-09 Update ** According to a T-Mobile forum, users who can not get their contacts recovered will be given a $100 gift card.  Here is a qoute and the link:

If it is determined your contacts cannot be recovered, you will be notified by October 29 along with the $100 Customer Appreciation Card. Once again, we sincerely appreciate your patience.

T-Mobile Support Forum

** End Update

Last week by T-Mobile, Danger (maker of the Sidekick), and Microsoft announced that there had been a catastrophic loss of user data that was likely permanent for all users of the Sidekick cell phone.

Apparently the Sidekick is a cloud device and stores its data (contacts, calendar, pictures, etc.) on Microsoft powered servers (first mistake) and these servers crashed. No big deal, just restore from backups right?  Not exactly.  Apparently they either didn’t do them properly or not at all.

Well in response to this debacle, T-Mobile has halted sales of the Sidekick by listing all of them as “Temporarily Out of Stock”.  http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/?WT.z_unav=mst_shop_phones

T-Mobile will issue a status update on Monday, October 12th, but admitted that “the likelihood of a successful outcome is extremely low.”

To prevent further data loss, T-Mobile recommends keeping your Sidekick powered on during any service outages, and suggests that owners avoid turning off or resetting their devices.

Ok I know this is a sad day (week) for Sidekick owners but this last statement actually made me laugh out loud.

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