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Trackball from Hell: BlackBerry Tour has 50% Return Rate?

Tour Trackball Sucks Trackball from Hell: BlackBerry Tour has 50% Return Rate?

Little did I know yesterday, when I wrote about my trackball failure on my BlackBerry Tour, that today there would be a story floating around that over 50% of the Tours purchased by Sprint customers have been returned due to trackball issues.

Electronista is reporting today that cell phone carrier Sprint has reported that over 50% of it’s Tour have been returned due to trackball failure.  According to the story, the failure results from the trackball clogging quickly and needing to be cleaned.

Now the part where the story becomes strange though is when reportedly, Verizon is “angry” enough over the trackball issue that they are going to start shifting smartphone sales to Motorola’s Android phones.  Really?  Honestly that is a really hard pill to swallow considering the success Verizon has had with BlackBerry sales over the years.  It’s highly unlikely that they would shift away from them over a trackball issue.

I especially like how they tie a known fact into the story (RIM going to trackpads) and use it as more evidence of a defective trackball.

I do know that there have been a lot of complaints about the Tour trackball, but I am very dubious about the 50% figure and even less concerned about a possible move by Verizon away from BlackBerry sales.

What are your thoughts?

[source: Electronista]

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