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Tripometer Review for BlackBerry

tripometer1 225x300 Tripometer Review for BlackBerryIn today’s health conscience world it seems like everyone’s trying to lose weight. People try everything from dieting, to exercise, personal trainers, and spending hours in the gym, but a lot of people don’t realize how much exercise they do on a daily basis. Have you ever really thought about the distance you walk on a regular day? You walk from your car to the store, around the house, to the mailbox, around work, and tons of other places. Well all that walking really starts to add up, the only problem is it’s hard to keep track of. Well now all you need is your BlackBerry and the new Tripometer app from Imre Kadar.

Tripometer utilizes your BlackBerrys GPS to constantly track where you’ve been. It then translates that information into how many miles or kilometers you’ve walked, and how fast you’re walking. Remember those little things you clip to your hip to track each step you take? Well that’s basically what this app is, but with miles and kilometers instead of steps, and a lot more features.

The Tripometer starts tracking as soon as you tell it to by pressing the go button. This will start your timer as well. So if you’re walking on a track or around the neighborhood for exercise, you can calculate how far you’ve walked in a given time. People who are trying to lose weight can research how much miles they need to walk to lose a certain amount of weight, then they can use this app to keep them on track daily. And at the end of the day, they can enter their weight in pounds or kilograms and the app will tell them the rough amount of calories burned!

Another bonus feature of this app is its ability to track your latitude and longitude. Although, I can’t think of any major use for this function considering you have to have service in order for your GPS to work. And the only time you could use the coordinates is if you’re lost, in which case you most likely won’t have service. But maybe users can find a way to utilize it.

tripometer21 300x209 Tripometer Review for BlackBerryThe use of this application is relatively simple. You can reset, start, and pause your timer and tracker via the three corresponding buttons. Hit the information button to view developer and app information.

All in all this is a useful, well done application. Obviously, this is not a substitute for a professionally planned work out and diet program. However, I can see people using this to monitor calories lost while exercising, which can lead to some weight loss. For $2.99 its worth a try, and compared to expensive diets and gym memberships it’s a bargain!

Rating: 4/5 star Tripometer Review for BlackBerrystar Tripometer Review for BlackBerrystar Tripometer Review for BlackBerrystar Tripometer Review for BlackBerryblank star Tripometer Review for BlackBerry 

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