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TV Apps Your Smart Phone Should Know About

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TV Apps Your Smart Phone Should Know About

If you have shows that you obsess over, then it is helpful to know about some apps that can help you with your addiction to the show. There are a few TV apps worth knowing about.
Dexter the Game
If you are a fan of the show, then you will enjoy getting to act as Dexter. You will be able to pick your victims, stalk and even kill them. You will also have to work to keep your identity a secret. While this app costs $5.99, which is high for a game, it does offer great graphics and is even voiced by Michael C. Hall.
This free app is great because it allows you to stay up to date with all your favorite AMC shows, such as The Walking Dead and Mad Men. You can view trailers for the next new episode as well as watch exclusive and behind the scenes content. It is a great way to catch the first glimpse at the trailers for the new season of your favorite AMC shows, such as The Walking Dead, which has gained a cult following over the three seasons it has aired. They also offer interviews with the cast and all the information you could want to hold you over until your next dose of the show.

DirecTV App
This app does more than just allow you access to your DirecTV account. The DirecTV app allows you to talk to your iPhone similar to Siri and ask for shows with specific actors, and also schedule recording of shows for your DVR. Using the app you can also stream television shows through your iPhone, iPad, and Laptop. DirecTV took all of the best features of having as much freedom as possible and put it into an easy to use app. If you don’t have DirecTV yet, use http://saveontvdirect.com to sign up for a new account at a discounted rate.
Food Network Nighttime
This free app is great for any fan of the Food Network lineup. You can catch behind the scenes videos and clips from your favorite shows. You can even see the schedule to find out when the new episodes will be aired. This is set up so that you can see days in advance and know the entire schedule for the channel so you can catch up on episodes you may have missed. With this, you will even be able to access the recipes from the show, which is great if you are at the grocery store and need to figure out the right ingredients. This longstanding app is free and can help you enjoy the Food Network a little bit more.
If you are a Gleek, then this is a must have app for your phone. While you will have to pay for it, you may be able to find it on sale for under a dollar, though the full price is under three dollars. You will get three songs from the show included in this and can buy additional songs. This app will allow you to sing along and will offer pitch correction and harmony. This is a great tool if you want to post your vocalizations online. This karaoke app is number one in many countries and even has social features where you can share your recordings, listen to others or even join in on their song to make it a duet. There is even a competition feature with the app so you can face off against other users.
These are just some of the apps out there for the TV. Most of the big shows have an app that accompanies them where you can enjoy the show a little bit more. The best thing you can do is to search for your favorite shows in the app store to find the best apps.

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