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Verizon Introduces a New Way to Spy on Your Family

verizon spy family locator Verizon Introduces a New Way to Spy on Your Family

Have a wayward husband or maybe you want to see where little Angela goes when she’s not at home, well Verizon has introduced a service for you. Its called “Family Locator” and it will allow you to track the location of your loved ones. Of course Verizon already has a service like this called Chaperone, but now they are replacing it with Family Locator. (no word on why)

But if Family Locator is anything like Chaperone, a smart 7-year-old can disable it in about 10 seconds flat. Let me explain: Yes I have had just such a wayward child and thought, “Hey lets put that Verizon Chaperone thing on”. So I actually went to the Verizon store and had them activate it and install it on the phone. Of course what they didn’t tell us was that every time you “track” a loved one, by law, the phone has to notify the trackee of the attempt. Which means the phone flashes a nice giant message that says something like “HEY STUPID YOU ARE BEING TRACKED BY YOUR UNTRUSTING PARENTS!!!”. Well as you can imagine, this went over like a lead balloon and our daughter not only disabled it, but was actually able to remove the app from the phone before we had our first successful tracking complete.

Of course we could have insisted on her allowing the tracking, but even if she left it on the device, she could still override each tracking attempt with the press of a button.

At $9.99 per phone there is honestly only one scenario where I could see this as helpful and/or justified that is if your child was, God forbid, abducted. Then the $9.99 could literally be a lifesaver. The older, before mentioned daughter has left the nest, more like pushed out, (joking) but I still have another young one and she just got her first cell phone and I’m considering this service for her phone.

Would love to hear your opinions on this, so please comment on this article with your thoughts.

*** 09-17-09 Update *** Ok, I put this on my daughters phone last night and this morning one minute after she left on the bus I got both a text message and an email come to my phone. My wife and I both looked at each other and said, “hey, I like that”. Then about 7 minutes later we got confirmation that she had arrived at school. Parents out there, in my opinion, this is a must have!

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