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Verizon Tries to Bolster BlackBerry Storm Sales with V Cast Video

Chris Angel VCast Verizon Verizon Tries to Bolster BlackBerry Storm Sales with V Cast Video

In a move so quick and with such slight of hand you would swear Chris Angel did it, Verizon Wireless announced today (Read Here) that the first phone to get V Cast Videos will be the BlackBerry Storm (9530).

If you are unfamiliar with V Cast, it’s actually a pretty cool application that allows you to watch episodes of your favorite TV show and sporting event delivered in easy-to-watch segments that are ready for viewing soon after the original air date.  The lineup has something in it for everyone including comedy, drama and even children’s shows.  All of this comes at a small monthly price of $10.

So why is this move an illusion?  Because there is no real good reason why V Cast Video isn’t being made available to other smartphones models.

Maybe, you ask, it’s the screen the Storm has?  Nope, the Curve 8900 and the Tour 9630 both have the same screen size as the BlackBerry Storm (480×360).

No, the real reason, in my humble opinion, is that given the poor sales of the BlackBerry Storm, Verizon probably has a warehouse full of these puppies and they need to unload them quick.  This move not only helps them clear out the god awful Storm 1 but with V Cast Video being exclusively for the Storm series, it lays the foundation for a marketing campaign for the new Storm 2 (9550) due out sometime this fall.

I personally think this announcement is a bad move on Verizon’s part unless they also announce the upcoming availability on other models which this announcement did not even broach.

To install Verizon V Cast Video on your BlackBerry Storm do the following:

On the phone:  Open the Application Center Icon and then select V Cast Video.

On your PC:  Click on this link: http://products.vzw.com/index.aspx?id=fnd_vpak

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