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Verizon Wireless Shows California Some 3G Love

verizon 3g california Verizon Wireless Shows California Some 3G LoveVerizon wireless announced today that they spent nearly $485 million on network improvements in California in 2009.  Now get this, that works out to $1.3 million per DAY!

The total reported investment for infrastructure in California now totals nearly $5.7 billion.

“Our customers are texting, e-mailing, downloading music, visiting Web sites and sharing pictures and videos at a record pace. Because of this, we continue to aggressively invest in our network to increase coverage and capacity for our customers, add new services and maintain our 3G network superiority,” said Kevin Zavaglia, region president, Verizon Wireless.

What about 4G that we see all the TV ads promoting?  Well Verizon says they are now ready to begin an aggressive roll out and plan to launch 25 to 30 markets in 2010.  With the future plan to have 4G on their entire current footprint by 2013.

Hey Apple, sure you still want to have all your eggs in the AT&T basket?  Recent reports show that AT&T would have to spend about 4 times as much to catch up with Verizon, so look for those “fastest 3G network” commercials from AT&T to end in the not so distant future.  My thought is they should replace them with “we used to have a monopoly” ads instead.

[source: Verizon Wireless]

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