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Video Caller ID BlackBerry App Review

videoidcaller1 Video Caller ID BlackBerry App ReviewMany of us have so many contacts on our BlackBerry’s we rarely know who’s calling until we pick up and answer. With so many people in the world, names have started to become less unique and more popular. For example, say someone named John calls you. Well you look at your screen and it says John, but which John? You know literally 300 Johns! Well now there’s a BlackBerry app that can help you distinguish every contact in your phonebook. Introducing Video Caller ID, by Javatek Media, a new app that allows you to customize incoming calls.

Video Caller ID’s name is misleading. Yes, the app allows you to add video to incoming calls, but also pictures and different ring tones. For starters, the app allows you to import pictures and video from your BlackBerry’s internal memory or SD card. You can then set that video or picture as a default for a specific contact. So when he or she calls, their video or picture shows up along with their name! Now you can remember people by face, things they’ve done, or their personalities. And just to make sure you cover the entire person’s personality you can attach ring tones. This app allows you to attach a separate ring tone to each video or picture. So every time that contact calls, not only is their picture or video displayed, but so is a song that makes you think of them!

The app does take a little while to figure out. This might not be the best purchase for those less than computer savvy. Importing a picture or video is no problem. Just go into the app and search through your memory to find it. However, once you have the file, it takes a little work to get it attached to the contact. You do this by scanning through your contact list and writing down all the contacts info. You then have to enter that info on top of the image or video. It would have been easier if the developers had done it automatically.videoidcaller2 Video Caller ID BlackBerry App Review

I also noted that the auto answer feature is disabled for this app, which can be frustrating when you forget and try to talk while it’s still ringing.

All in all this was a fun application to work with. However, I don’t see the average business man or woman using it. It takes a long time to set up every contact, and most people don’t have a picture of every person in their phonebook. I would recommend this app for people who really love to customize their phone, otherwise it’s really unnecessary for the price of $7.95!

Rating: 3/5 star Video Caller ID BlackBerry App Reviewstar Video Caller ID BlackBerry App Reviewstar Video Caller ID BlackBerry App Reviewblank star Video Caller ID BlackBerry App Reviewblank star Video Caller ID BlackBerry App Review 

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