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Virtual Lifesaver: Emergency Info App Review for BlackBerry

medical1In today’s world, the sad fact is we never know if we’ll come back home at the end of the day. The modern world is full of dangers, driving, disease, and accidents to name a few. So it’s best to always be prepared for a medical emergency. I don’t mean walk around with your very own personal paramedic. But it’s a good idea to always have your emergency medical information on hand. Luckily, all you need to do so is your BlackBerry and the Emergency Info app by MobiDala.

The Emergency Info App can hold a long list of medical information that includes: emergency contacts, current symptoms, current medication, and personal information. Let’s start with the most important group in my opinion, emergency contacts. One of the biggest problems medical personnel encounter in a medical emergency is a lack of an emergency contact. Without an emergency contact, medical personnel have trouble making risky and potentially life saving decisions. This app will allow you to edit and save as many contacts as you want.

Next, the app will allow you to enter a list of current symptoms. This is where users can list past surgeries, allergies, current medical problems and more. This way doctors could avoid doing something that could affect you accidentally. Third, enter a list of medications you’re currently taken. This is a huge help when doctors our considering medications that have a risk with other medications. Lastly, enter any personal information you might want medical personnel to know like: preferred hospital, blood type, religion, family doctor, insurance information, and more.

medical2All in all this is a very helpful app that is user friendly and well done, but it’s not without its bugs. For one, there’s no way of identifying the fact you have this app on your BlackBerry, and chances are paramedics don’t plan on surfing your phone. Two, this app has the option of being password protected. Obviously, medical personnel won’t know your password!

If anything, this app is before it’s time. I can see a phone being a virtual identity card in the future. At $3.99 this app is pretty cheap for what it does. So you might want to check it out now. Who knows? Might just save your life!

Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆ 

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