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Vlingo and AT&T Form Speech Recognition Alliance

Talk To Vlingo 262x300 Vlingo and AT&T Form Speech Recognition Alliance

AT&T announced today [News Release] that they have formed a strategic alliance with your friends over at Vlingo. 

Vlingo is the amazing speech recognition app for the BlackBerry that we recent wrote an article about [Vlingo for BlackBerry Tour Makes Typing Obsolete].

Although not a fan of AT&T, this is a good move on their part and will allow them to bring the world class voice recognition that Vlingo has to their customers through specialized apps.  It’s important to note that it looks like AT&T will not use the Vlingo name, but instead move the functionality over to it’s Watson application.

“AT&T’s Watson technology provides a world-class speech recognition engine in both performance and features,” said Charles Kalmanek, vice president of networking and services research, AT&T Labs. “By allowing users to speak naturally, Watson opens the door to a wide range of innovative new services that are easy and natural to use.”

Added Dave Grannan, president and CEO, Vlingo: “This agreement represents a unique opportunity to work with AT&T to deliver a revolutionary speech recognition solution to the market. Natural and unconstrained voice recognition user interfaces represent the next major breakthrough for the mobile industry as well as many other industries. Based on our evaluation, we have seen significant accuracy and performance gains with Watson compared to other core speech technologies that will allow us to create a dramatically improved user experience. We look forward to deploying our joint solutions throughout the industry.”

With this deal, AT&T will assume a minority shareholder stake in Vlingo.  Maybe we will stop riding AT&T so hard now?  Nah, probably not.

We at MobiMadness want to congratulate our friends at Vlingo!

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