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Wealth Stick App Review for BlackBerry: Words of the Wise

wealthstickHave you heard of the legend of the Wealth Stick? A mystical stick that can spread ancient wisdom. Well a new BlackBerry app claims to harness the power of this magical stick and relay its wisdom to users. The history behind the wisdom stick goes as follows, according to the apps developer Yamspog Technologies.

“It is said that the wealth stick was discovered by the first inhabitants of the coast. They used it to bless their settlements and ensure a safe hunt, plentiful harvests and peace for their village. As explorers and traders came into contact with the simple villagers, the villagers shared the secret of the wealth stick.”

Whether or not this wealth stick really existed or not is questionable. However, the Wealth Stick app does exist and can prove helpful! The app offers up daily quotes about finding wealth and happiness. Everyday, you can open the app to find a new, carefully crafted quote that can somehow help guide you through life. The app also offers users the ability to browse history of the wealth stick and read of its past.

All in all this is basically a daily quote app. To me is looks like the developers hoped to cash in on an old Native American folk tale, and rushed through developing their app in the process. At $.75 it’s definitely cheap, but you have to ask yourself one big question. Is it even worth taking up space on my BlackBerry?

Rating: 2/5 ★★☆☆☆ 

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