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Wireless Charging of BlackBerry Coming Soon

Wireless Charging BlackBerry Wireless Charging of BlackBerry Coming Soon

How many times have you been waiting at an airport and had the battery on your BlackBerry run low?  Now imagine placing your phone on the counter next to you while you grab a coffee and having it charge, all without ever plugging in a cable.  But wait there’s more.  What if I told you that the same method of charging will work for your laptop, media player, camera, and pretty much any portable electronic device.  Now how much would you pay?  (RIP: Billy Mays)

Well that’s exactly what can and will likely happen, now that a draft standard has been approved by the Wireless Power Consortium.  With a standard in place, any manufacturer of a portable electronic device, think BlackBerry, will be able to come with “standard” charging hardware that will allow it to tap these universal wireless charging stations.

Honestly folks, this isn’t rocket science.  We have already been using wireless charging for things like shavers and toothbrushes for years.

The technology is such that you can actually make just about anything a charging station, such as a conference table and even that favorite spot in Starbucks.  One can even imagine that they will likely sell a mat or pad that you can sit on any current flat surface (your desk) and make it a wireless charging point.

Personally I would look for this to be a must have feature for any device within the next 5 years.

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