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WordSearch Game Review for BlackBerry

wordsearch1 300x225 WordSearch Game Review for BlackBerryLet’s go back to a more peaceful time. A time in which you didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn, put on a suit, and drives two hours to work everyday. A time when naps were frequent and the hardest activity was a word search, let’s go back to elementary school! Remember when the teacher was out of things to do for homework, so she printed off a word search? And they were actually fun! Well now you can go back to that feeling without needing to go back to school. All you need is a BlackBerry and the WordSearch app from 123berry.

WordSearch is an app that takes the word search off a piece of paper and onto BlackBerry screens everywhere. The goal of the game is to find all the words listed on the right side of the screen. You have to search for the words on a giant grid of scrambled letters. The twist is, words can go in every direction as long as they’re in a straight line. So, words can go up, down, forwards and backwards as well as diagonally in all four directions.

The controls for this game are about as easy as it gets. Maneuver around the board via your track ball. Once you find a word click on the first letter and then move the cursor to the last letter. The letters are highlighted as you click them so you know what you’re selecting. Also, the word is spelled out under the list of words so you can compare the two. You aren’t scored or timed; the only goal is to find all the words. The interface for this app is the only problem I had with it. Its graphics are poor and the colors lack any interest. The board is brown with black lettering and is framed by a red grid. This makes it hard to read some of the letters. And the grid goes off on one side of the board, giving an unprofessional appearance. The search words, listed on the right, are written in a boring text that lacks any excitement. It seems to me the developers could have done much better.

wordsearch2 300x225 WordSearch Game Review for BlackBerryBecause the game play is fun and somewhat addicting, I would recommend this game. However, the interface could use a lot of work. Perhaps incorporating a theme or some sort of decoration would help. But if you’re looking for a fun game to play and don’t care about what the game looks like, then you might want to give WordSearch a try. But be for-warned, it comes with a hefty price tag of $5.99!

Rating: 3/5 star WordSearch Game Review for BlackBerrystar WordSearch Game Review for BlackBerrystar WordSearch Game Review for BlackBerryblank star WordSearch Game Review for BlackBerryblank star WordSearch Game Review for BlackBerry 

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