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XChange Review: Currency Converter App for BlackBerry

Xchange1 XChange Review: Currency Converter App for BlackBerryThere’s a world traveler in every one of or most of us. Chances are at one point or another you’ve dreamed of heading to far off destinations and exploring the local culture. And some of us might have been lucky to actually do so. But one thing often forgot on world travels is the currency exchange rate. You might go to a country assuming you’ll be the richest person there because you have American money. But then when you try to buy something you realize how expensive it really is. Well now you no longer have to worry about the differences between currencies. All you need is your BlackBerry and the new app XChange, by BulBera.

XChange is an app that claims to be a “flexible yet easy to use currency converter”, but is it really? Well I put this app through a test run to see just how reliable it is.

The first thing I did was download the app. At first I was under the impression it would take awhile to download, considering its data bank of over 160 international currencies. But I was pleased to see it download in just a few minutes.

Once I got the app open I was happy to see an attractive, user friendly interface with minimal buttons and options. To put this app to the real test, I pit it against one of the most popular currency translation websites on the web. Now there’s one thing to keep in mind in the world of currency, it’s always changing. So one would assume that a website would have the edge against a phone app. However, in the case of this app you would be wrong. As long as you’re connected to your network, this app will always have up to date currency exchange rates.

So I started off with entering US dollars into the starting denomination box (the top text box). And then chose Japanese Yen as the I would like to turn the money in to. Sure enough the data on my phone matched exactly with the date on my computer screen.

Once I got the hang of it, which takes a few seconds, I started toying around with different values of money from countries across the entire world, every time the data the app gave me matched the data on the website.

To change the currency simply click the dark button next to the text box labeled with the current currency. Then choose from a list of over one hundred and sixty international currencies. The most popular ones are listed at the top like US, Yen, and the Euro for easy selecting. Instead of having to scroll through a long list, you have the option of typing the currency into the ‘Find’ box to narrow your search.Xchange2 XChange Review: Currency Converter App for BlackBerry

Navigation in this app is as simple as moving and clicking with your track ball. The user friendly interface is relatively self explanatory and takes seconds to get used to. The current date is displayed on the top of the app incase you need to know it while calculating rates. Another handy feature is the app saves the screen your on if you suddenly quit. So if you’re in the middle of figuring a rate and you suddenly have to stop, don’t worry because your data will be saved.

All in all this is an extremely useful app for anyone who travels to other countries, or even does business involving other currencies. For the price of $6.95 it’s practicality out weighs it’s cost. This app is definitely worth checking out.

Rating: 5/5 star XChange Review: Currency Converter App for BlackBerrystar XChange Review: Currency Converter App for BlackBerrystar XChange Review: Currency Converter App for BlackBerrystar XChange Review: Currency Converter App for BlackBerrystar XChange Review: Currency Converter App for BlackBerry 

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