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New York Times Sudoku for BlackBerry

New York Time Sudoku New York Times Sudoku for BlackBerryI really like the game of Sudoku and of course having the officially licensed New York Times version is a plus.  As with most games on the BlackBerry this one was fairly easy to install.  There was only one question regarding trusted application status and I picked “no” as I see no reason for a Sudoku game to want to see my private data or access the internet.

The game is made by Magmic and they create some really nice games for mobile phones like the BlackBerry, iPhone, etc.   The intro screen was very nice and I like the music they selected as it seems to fit well with a relaxing Sudoku game.

The actual game screen on the other hand leaves something to be desired.  (Image does not match play screen on our Tour 9630) Although playable, I found the displays on the right side hard to read on our test BlackBerry Tour 9630.  I even tried changing the theme on the game and that didn’t help.  Although it doesn’t take away from the actual game, it’s still a distraction.  The main playing screen also seemed to be slapped in there with lots of free room on sides and top which made me wonder if this wasn’t a hasty port from the 8300 format (320×240).  Honestly, with the nice real estate (480×360) provided by the Tour’s screen, I would have expected better graphics.

The controls are what you would expect for a BlackBerry game, with the block selection and number assignment handled by the trackball.  No surprises there.

The $4.99 price is a little steep considering the basic nature of Sudoku play.

Unfortunately with the graphics issues and the slightly higher price, I have to rate the New York Times Sukoku 2 out of 5 stars.  This means we will not provide a link for purchase or download. If the developer updates this game in the future, we will provide an updated review.

Rating: 2/5 star New York Times Sudoku for BlackBerrystar New York Times Sudoku for BlackBerryblank star New York Times Sudoku for BlackBerryblank star New York Times Sudoku for BlackBerryblank star New York Times Sudoku for BlackBerry 

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